Friday, 30 March 2012

Hi! I'm Jo

Don't you think I'm cute!
Hi! I'm Jo, a rabbit biologically but my siblings are all cats.  I came first to this family, and Kat was by-the-way-kind-off adopted along with me.

I have my own apartment in the house that has a split level as well as glass blocks as decorations.  I normally stay by myself, but my siblings do come visit me for awhile. I enjoy their company but if I'm in a bad mood, they will run off at the slightest sound of my infamous snort (hehe).

That's me and Kat when we were young-lings!
I absolutely love my treats and  to have my fur brushed. I'm now about a year old (human age) and most people say I'm big. What do you mean I'm big! I'm just well endowed! (*wink*)

Here's me at  4-5 months old

Me at 8 months old!

What do you think I look like? (chuckle)

Happy Weekend everyone!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hope, Faith and Love

Hope, Faith and Love

I am an active volunteer in Ipoh SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and when I first started, my heart would break each week when there were new cats abandoned by their owners as well as those that died from sickness.

Let me tell you a story about these 3 siblings that nearly died from very bad flu.

Hope, Faith and Love (these photos are taken after they were better ~ also for their 'For adoption' promo pix)

Hope, Male (age approx 3 months/ Oct 2011)

Faith, Female (age approx 3 months / Oct 2011)

Love, Female (age approx 3 months / Oct 2011)

On Sunday, 30th October 2011, I did my usual volunteer work at ISPCA. I noticed that the 3 new kittens abandoned the week before (Hope, Faith and Love) were very very ill. Love was almost lifeless, extremely dehydrated and couldn't move. Faith was able to move her head up but otherwise also lying on her side and very dehydrated. Hope was able to move, but he too, was dehydrated.  My heart broke to a million pieces then and I packed them up into a carrier and rushed them to a vet that I knew was opened on a Sunday.

There, Love had to boarded at the Vet for a few days as she had to go on drip. Hope and Faith needed medication as well as (force) feeding / drinking over the next few days and I took it upon myself to foster them. Hope had a 'deformed' right front paw and the Vet helped me bandaged it first. We'll treat that when he is better.

The first day of a long journey!

It was a harrowing 3 weeks journey! Truly a touch and go situation! I had so little sleep, rushed home during lunch time to feed them water and Hills A/D. Sometimes, they could only eat 3mls of A/D and 3mls of water. It was a SCARY experience for me. Brought them to 3 different vets and to top it off, i said a prayer for and with them, and sang to them every time I was with them. Each feeding time took me easily an hour!

Faith when she was in her worst condition - see the fur :(

It was a truly learning experience for me and after a week plus, Love got better first, followed by Faith and lastly Hope. 3 weeks of struggles, 3 weeks of hope and 3 weeks of putting my faith in God. It was truly a miracle that they pulled through and by God's grace they were healed. Because of the experience, all 3 of them, from feral kittens have became such loving ones. 

Love has been adopted. Hope and Faith are still available for adoption. Both Hope and Faith have been neutered / spayed and are indoor trained. But they MUST be adopted together as Faith can be a bit jittery and would need her brother's strength and confidence.  They are now approximately 8 months (March 2012) and would bring joy to your home. Do bear in mind, that Hope has only 3 fully functional legs but he still uses his deformed leg to run, scratch and is oblivious to his deformity. He doesn't need amputation as his body has made natural adjustments to ensure that his bones do not get hurt when he runs (yes! he runs!)

I cannot send them back to SPCA. They deserve to live a happy life after what they've been through.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Princess Yasmin

(Got'cha 17 September 2011, age approximately 3 months)

When I thought I'd settle with 2 cats, along came a 3rd!

Where I work (factory), there are 2 security guards. The night duty guard told me as I was going home that fateful day, was that his house was invaded by this beautiful cat. His entire family (including him) had cat-phobia. I said, I need to see the cat and situation first as I didn't plan on taking another cat.

So I drove by his house and his wife was expecting me. She took Yasmin who was in a bucket (apparently was in that bucket ALL day!) and passed me the bucket.

Yasmin's bushy tail

I saw that she had this beautiful racoon-like bushy tail and the minute I took her, she purred and was so happy to be in the car with me. What am I to do? She had 2 bite (puncture) wounds on her neck - seems like she was bitten maybe by a dog, which was why she hid in the bucket all day.  So to the vet she went the next day for treatment.  The Vet commented that I had a black and white collection!!!

She loves basket!

In the basket again!

Enjoying a nap on the sofa!
Hence, we now have 3 in the household ... she is very confident and alpha and bullies Kat whenever she could. Cat politics ... one does not interfere! :-)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My baby boy, Pedro

Pedro (previously called Chestnut)
(Got'cha 22 June 2011 - approximate age, 2 months)

Those eyes! Those eyes! Stare and fall in love

I found Pedro via Petfinder! It was purely accidental as I stumbled across his profile when I was googling for something else. It was LOVE at first sight. How can you not fall for that googly eyes!

This is the link to his profile :

The fosterer's father rescued Pedro, then called Chestnut as he was abandoned by his own mother in a temple. To cut a long story short, I got my hubby to drive all the way down to Bangsar (200km from Ipoh) to bring little Pedro home on my birthday. Besides, Kat needs a playmate (my excuse ... but it was those eyes that got to me heart haha!)

I renamed him Pedro, because on the day he arrived, he had a mustache (which I thought was his colour) and thought that he looked like a handsome Mexican. After a nice good wash, the mustache was GONE! It was dirt! Haha! But Pedro it was and he loves the name too ;)

Day 1 at home - hiding behind the sofa

Day 2 at home - much braver now
On the first day, Kat hissed at poor Pedro and I gave myself 3 days for them to become friends. Less than 24 hours later, there they were playing police and thieves! Kat being 4 months, was double his size. But they are best pals nonetheless, and the beginning of mayhem in my otherwise quiet house :)

They like to snuggle up with one another (Pedro - 6 mths, Kat - 8 mths)

The day he was found!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Meet KAT

Meet Kat!
(Got'cha 3 April 2011 - approximate age, 3 months)

Kat playing with a toilet roll 'toy'
 She's the first cat I adopted off the streets since I moved to the Tin Valley to commence work.

I went to adopt a rabbit from a good friend of mine as she couldn't care for it due to health reasons. When I collected the rabbit (named Jo), there were 4 kittens lounging at my friend's house porch. She said "Joy! Do take one or more, there's so many strays here ...". I said that I would think about it as I prepared to load the rabbit into my car.

She was very active and playful and she stole my heart right away. So she ended up being bundled up in the cat carrier together with Jo.

Kat fascinated with my smelly bag pack!
Kat! Is the view nice from up there?

Kat is very talkative and expressive. She would bully Jo when she could, although Jo is bigger than her. We had Jo and Kat for 5 weeks before Pedro came into our family (and that's another story) :-)

Kat & Jo