Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tiring Thursday


I know mommy will be so envious of us right now ... (she's at work and we are having a great time having naps all day). She's been really tired lately as she is understaffed and has heaps of work to clear on her plate. But don't worry, when she comes home, we will be there for her.  Fur and Purr therapy everyday!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Pedro and Yasmin

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Mancat Monday : Pedro Versus Maori for Silvervine P-Low

Maori : What do you have there Pedro?
Pedro : (mouth full) ... Silvervine P-Low ..mmmphppttt (kick*kick)

Maori : Can i try????
Pedro : (Ignores Maori)

Pedro : (Continues to ignore Maori) "I shall pretend I didn't hear Maori and perhaps he will go away"
Maori : ..............................

The Silvervine P-Low is truly an innovative creation and excellent gift for your furkid! You can check out to purchase your P-Low. May wanna get two instead of one :-)

Reflections : 4 Kittens tied with Rafia String

I have always advocated for spaying / neutering your pets. There is no such thing as Pity or Kesian (in Malay) as I have seen many, way too many innocent lives being killed just because the owner didn't want more cats / dogs in their already too many pets in their household (excuses!).  Besides the many health benefits for spaying / neutering, one would help to reduce the already millions of strays out there and the lost of innocent lives.  I was just in the market yesterday morning and I saw 1-2 weeks old kittens recently thrown there too (but that's not the story for today).

Let me tell you the story of the 4 kittens tied with Rafia String.
This happened 2 weeks ago and only today, I felt I was finally able to share what happens when you do not spay / neuter your pets.

A man came by to Ipoh SPCA 2 weeks ago to surrender 4 kittens to the shelter.  He claimed that these 4 kittens were thrown in front of his house in a plastic bag, "2 days ago" (2 days!!! Are you kidding me???).  Obviously, the person's cat or someone's cat had given birth and these  kittens were unwanted and the evil person has decided to throw them away, right in front of someone else's gate and this person decided after 2 days to surrender to the shelter (sigh!).

Anyway, my friend who is also a volunteer took the bag from him and checked inside. There were shredded newspaper and HORROR! The 4 kittens were tied together with nylon string (rafia string) - obviously thrown with intention to KILL!.  (I shall not post this picture here) There were newborns, barely 3-4 days old. They still had their umbilical cord attached to their bellies. 3 of them were already dead when my friend took the gruesome package. One was barely alive.

I took over the package right after work and rushed the little girl to my Vet (which was nearest to the shelter) and gave it some warm milk to drink. When we held her she was SO COLD!

Right after the first feeding, I had to rush to Dr Ranjit's clinic (she's ISPCA cattery Vet) to get the basic supplies needed for this little girl. Armed with all the supplies, I went home and got her settled into the cage.  (My cats thought she was a toy and wanted to play with her! They all received a stern scolding from me).

Both Vets told me the chances for survival were slim. I knew it was so, but wanted to believe otherwise.  At 6:30pm, Saturday 14th April 2012 the little girl passed on. She gave a little squeak (and I thought she was hungry and made her some milk but ....) and that was her last breath. :(

I didn't have time to even name her. She is buried in the little patch in my small little garden.  Rest in peace little girl. You are in a better place now dear. This world is too cruel for you.

I beseech thee ... PLEASE! Spay / Neuter your pets. If you can catch the strays in your neighbourhood, do spay / neuter them too to reduce the loss of more innocent lives. I'm sure the Vets can give you a good rate if they are strays. Please ....

Friday, 20 April 2012

Kat versus Catnip!

Kat getting laser eyes ... it's the Catnip!
I got you evil Cat-nip!

Round 1 : Kat won!

Fun Friday

Guess who's this??

Here's a BIG hint :-)

Good Luck!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Maori being Queen!

Faith  : Mommy?
Me     : Yes dear.
Faith  : Why is Maori being Queen?
Me     : What do you mean being Queen, Faith?
Faith  : You know ... the Elizabethan collar ...
Me     : Owh! <chuckles>

Maori : I'm on strike. I have lost my dashing looks ... how am I going to woo the ladies?
Maori : Stop staring! I'm NOT the Queen! I'm the King!
Maori has a injury (probably through scalding as he was a stray) and the last bit (size of 10 cents coin) refused to close up and kept drying up - peel off - bleed rotationally. It was the size of my palm initially after 3 months, it is now so much smaller. The last bit was the most stubborn as he kept grooming it. So my Vet's advice was to keep in the collar for a month, but we will try a week.  Poor Maori! It's for your own good dear.