Sunday, 27 May 2012

We got a new toy!


Mommy has got us a new toy.  It's a handmade cat toy (squid) stuffed with Silvervine leaves ... yeay! We LURVE it!!! We had to take turns to play but in the end, Hope kidnapped the squid and hidden it somewhere in the house. Here's some pictures of us :-)

What's this? Sniff*sniff


Paws, Claws and Jaws!

May I try?

How about me?

Pedro:  ok your turn. Am done
Hope : Gee... thanks!


Bite ! bite !

Faith : I got my turn too!
The toy is only RM10 a piece and you can purchase it at

Monday, 21 May 2012

Strays @ Home

Kitties! Hope here. Mommy told me to tell the rest of you felines, about the strays in my home.

It was a hot hot day when mommy took some of our photos. Look at Pedro, napping on the marble table!
Can you see the stray mommy cat outside our door?

See the mommy cat outside?

Here's a closer look!

And a close-up!
She must have been hot too, napping under our 'Pandan' plant.

Next we have the daddy cat - he was having snack. And their baby girl no. 1 (yellow with bushy tail) lounging. They have 2 daughters.

Here's a close up of daddy cat (Psst ... Maori absolutely hates this fella)

Thought I'd watch him so that Maori doesn't go in a frenzy

He's the most friendly and would let our mommy pat him.

We haven't got baby girl no.2 who looks a bit like her daddy and us :-)  I'll remind Mommy to take out her camera when baby girl no.2 comes by. She is beginning to trust our mommy but is still skittish.

Hope signing out from journalistic duty!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Strays @ Mommy's Workplace


Let us share with you some photos of the other felines in mommy's life.  Today is about the factory cats.

She buys kibbles for their daily meals and managed to rescue 4 kittens that lived at the back of the factory where she works. (but only 1 survived and is now in his new furrever home).  Don't you think one of them looks a bit like an Australian Mist?

Here are their mug shots!

Hello there!

Excuse me, I'm having lunch!



Thank you Maam!

This tastes great!

Hey pals! Let's come have our meal! She's here.

Alright, let's call the rest.

We'll wait for you here.

Helloooo... hurry up you guys!

Some people just don't respect time!

Nevermind, let the three of us eat first.

Nom...nom... nommm....

And these are the babies!


This is the only survivor!

Cute little orange!

RIP little kitties!

And there you have it! Wait for the next series ... the strays outside our house!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Scratching Post we no like (poor mommy)

This is the scratching post that mommy  made for us. She stuffed catnip in it as she twirled the jute rope around the piece of recycled wood she found. She gave it to us ... we took one look and walked away.  We told her we prefer the sofa with lots and lots of surface for us to sink our claws into.

She was aghast and told us, nevermind, you no like, me give to Ipoh SPCA cats (there are 70 of them!).  And there it stands,since October 2011. She even made 2 of those for them. Here's the other ...

Mommy keeps forgetting to take a photo of the now - after months of use (excuses!)  She tells us the cats there LOVES her handmade scratching post. One of it is well used and needs new jute rope but it's still standing. Survived 70 cats endless scratching for months!

She's thinking of making more to sell to people who would 'appreciate' handmade scratching post, unlike us she added ... says she needs money to feed us, the strays in her office, the strays outside our house and SPCA cats as her salary each month is barely enough to feed us all. We think she's just teasing us, right mommy, right, RIGHT? ... mommy?


Friday, 11 May 2012

What is Pedro and Jo up to?

Me : Mr Pedro!
Pedro : Yes Mommy?

Me : What are you doing in Jo's apartment?
Pedro : Errr ... nothing ...
Me : Jo?
Jo : We were just having a conversation

Me : Oh! What were you talking about
Pedro : Jo, should we tell her?
Jo : No harm i guess.
Pedro : Jo says I'm a cat, but i think I'm a rabbit?  Am I a cat, or a rabbit ?
Me : You are most definitely a cat, dear!
Jo : SEE! I told you!
Pedro : <wide googly eyes>

Monday, 7 May 2012

We FACEBOOK before we sleep!


Every night before we sleep, we Facebook!  How about you?

XX Kat & Pedro XX

Thursday, 3 May 2012


Kat here. My mommy has been so busy and working late at work. She gives us a bit more to eat in the morning so that we do not starve while waiting for her to return and feed us again.  That's why she hasn't had the time to post and so I've taken over her job (only temporarily, mind you!)

This weekend, she will be attending a "My Pet, My Friend" event in Ipoh (De Garden). She thought of bringing one of us so that we can get some free cat food.  Do you think we should go? Let me sleep on it!