Thursday, 26 July 2012

Flighty Friday!


Mommy has been very busy lazy lately and after pestering her to post our stories, this is what she came up instead.  Talk about being happy it's a Friday. Not that we are complaining ... coz we get to have her at home more on the weekend!

Everybody DANCE now! It's Friday :-)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Weighing Scale Episode 1


Mommy bought a weighing scale and tried to take our picture on it. She has not been successful as the moment she has her hands on the camera we escaped! Haha!  Doesn't she have sense of decency ... we are very sensitive about our weight (NOT!).  So much so, that we will share what we weigh!
  1. Faith - 3.8kg
  2. Hope - 3.9kg
  3. Yasmin - 4.1kg (she's all fur)
  4. Kat - 4.4kg
  5. Pedro - 4.7kg
  6. Maori - 5.9kg
How much do you weigh? Let's share!!!

Happy Thursday everybody XX

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Faith


Hi Hope, my brother!


What the ...



It's the Mommy here to tell the story behind what actually happened.

It was a normal Tuesday morning, 10th  July 2012, and was getting ready for work.
The night before, I had set up a cat trap to capture any one of the strays for spaying/ neutering. It was my first attempt and I managed to catch a Tom Cat.

Now, Maori hates the Toms outside the house. That morning, he was truly unhappy.  I did my routine, feeding, litter cleaning and as I had opened the windows, I wanted to close them before Maori managed to pull the wire mesh (he did it before) and gets out and fight with any of the strays out there. 

So out i went, and closed the windows (need to do this from outside).  When I opened the door and walked in, left foot first, suddenly there was this large ball of fur that jumped and attacked my foot. Maori must have thought that the stray cat was going in!

All I could do was yell, MAORI! MAORI! STOP!!! It was a good 5 seconds of intense biting. Could only yell for Daddy to come down and help me as i was bleeding non-stop and the puddle of blood was growing by the seconds.  The doctor was surprised my hands were not injured. I said to him, I am not foolish. Who wants to use hands. Just let him bite, at least it will only be the foot that is hurt. >.<

Was given medical leave and advised to do daily dressings. 3 puncture wounds (one that hit a minor artery) and many many scratches. If it weren't so swollen and painful, I would have enjoyed my 8 days break from work. Did have to work from home though, but the nurses were there to keep me company, and they were on shifts too! Hehehe

Nurse Hope on sleeping duty

Thanks for all your concerns and Get Well wishes.  Am back to work now. Still bandaged, still on antibiotics, but can walk almost properly again (yeay!) and trying very hard not to scratch!

God bless!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Surprise: We interrupt our BLOG with an important announcement!

Mommy was bitten by Maori on her left foot last Tuesday, 10th July 2012. She is currently recuperating in bed as she still has a swollen foot and can't walk much hence the silence in our blog.

Don't worry, we are keeping her under close supervision, taking turns doing nursing duties.  She will tell you all about it when she is up and about and has access to a PC that can upload pictures from her phone.

Pray for her recovery!

(Note from Mommy : 3 puncture wounds, one of it hitting a minor artery and lost a fair bit of blood. Claw scratches are everywhere, some quite deep. Foot swelled and couldn't wear any shoes and hobbling with an old man's walking stick. Will tell you guys real soon!)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Down Memory Lane : Kat

My first toy - pieces of hay broom
 Kitties!  Kat here.

Mommy was feeling a wee bit nostalgic recently and was browsing through our baby pictures in her phone. She decided to start with me first and showed how small i was before i became a 4kg+ cat!

These were taken in the first week in my furrever home.

I think I'm quite cute, and still am! Hehe

My ears were fairly large for my size

My favourite game!


Daddy! Can i bite you too?

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Turtle Thursday

Mommy showed us a picture of a turtle in her hand. 
Such a beautiful creation of God.
She said they are endangered species. 
Some have become extinct.
We wonder if we will ever be endangered species. 

We think that if the world (a.k.a humans) doesn't change,
One day,
the world will end.
Not because the Bible says so,
or other religious teachings,
but because all animals are killed by humans;
and in doing so
they will kill themselves.

 Mommy prays every night,
that the people of the world will
learn to LOVE
have more RESPECT
be more TOLERANT

Then perhaps,
there may be HOPE
that this world will become the place it was created for
that ALL living beings
live side-by-side
in perfect HARMONY and PEACE.

If all fails, let's take over the world!