Thursday, 18 October 2012

Friendship Friday : Shawna's Cat

Hi Kitties!

Mommy said that in 2005, when she went for a holiday in New Zealand, she met a cat. Her mommy is called Shawna. She ashamedly admitted not remembering the cat's name.

Anyway, in 2005, she was nearly 23 years (human age).  She passed away in 2009 / 2010 - she can't remember, which meant that she lived till 27-28 years! That is ancient. If she were alive today, we would worship her.  We hope to live that long too :)

This is her photo as a tribute to her on our Friendship Friday.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Wordless (almost) Wednesday

Did you know we were once STRAYS? 
 So please adopt, don't buy!

* Pedro and Faith hid and Mommy's friend couldn't get a photo of the both of them.  Isn't mommy's friend great at taking photos :-)

We are MOVING!


Please forgive the long silence. Our mommy has been to busy to type for us (we would type ourselves if we had fingers, but the paws and claws get stuck on the keyboard and we rather pluck those keys of the keyboard and mommy would scream!).

Anyway, we would be taking a short break as we are MOVING!

Stay tune for the next post ... while we help mommy pack.


Friday, 5 October 2012

Happy (drugged) Shelter Cats

Good saturday morning Kitties!

Last weekend, mommy brought some of our drugs silvervine leaves for the Ipoh SPCA cats. Mommy is a volunteer in the cattery and she keeps telling us how lucky we are compared to those abandoned kitties.  So last Sunday, she packed our supplies and brought them there.

We let the pictures tell the story!
Happy Saturday guys!

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After the nip session, Garfield becomes Spidey!

P/s from Mommy : The shelter is always in needs of funds to run, to buy food, kitty litter, meds, pay someone to clean and feed the cats. Volunteers are few and whenever I (and other volunteers) go , we try our best to make the kitties feel loved and give them what they lack.  So please help if you can in any way. And please, spay / neuter... that's the only way to reduce the numbers of strays.

Pet Grass Day 5 - 6

Hi Kitties!

This is day 5 of the grass mommy planted.   Looks good?

It's beginning to look like the picture!

See! You can't tell the difference :-)

This is what we thought of the grass :

Pedro : What's this *sniff*sniff*
Kat : I have no idea...


More sniffing

I'll have a go ...

Let's try!

To be continued ...