Friday, 28 September 2012

Pet Grass - Day 4

Mommy is very pleased with herself!

She said it's becoming to look more like grass .... see the comparison with the picture in the packaging... do you think it looks the same?

We think it looks wierd!

~Furrever Feline Gang~

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Pet Grass - Day 3

Never been so happy to see many sprouts in my life ... LOL!

Pet Grass - Day 2

It's growing ... Woohoo!!!

Pet Grass

Mommy here ... the kitties have been gagging out lots of hairball recently, so I've purchased 2 units of Pet Grass kit and seeing if my gardening skills can make them grow.

Day 1 :

Wish me luck!

Stray cat gave birth!


Mommy has been meaning to spay /neuter the strays outside our house.  The last time she successfully caught a Tom cat, she got bitten by Maori.

Anyway, the female cat gave birth recently in mommy's shoe closet! One day she got home from work, she heard the female cat hissing from the shoe rack and she peeped in and saw a tiny head under the female cat!  She immediately grabbed one of our cages and put the kitten in and lured the mommy into the cage.  She only has one beautiful female kitten and mommy is smitten.

They currently reside in our guest room as mommy said that they will be safer there.  Once they are ready, mommy will get the stray cat spayed and put both mommy cat and kitten up for adoption!

Isn't she so cute!

The furrever feline gang!

SUBARU - for adoption

A friend of mine rescued a female kitten in a Subaru car carburetor ... hence she was named Subaru.  She is approximately 2 months old, and I shall be vaccinating her as well as spaying her.  She will be available for adoption soon. 

She is very good friends with Kecik, my other foster kitten. They both can play non-stop in their waking hours, stopping for meals and toilet only. She is litter-trained as well.  She too likes my home-cooked food (yeay, another happy customer) and can eat kibbles though she prefers wet / cook food over kibbles.

Please email me (  if you are interested to give Subaru a furrever home.

KECIK (SMALL in English)

When I first found Kecik, she was barely 600gms. Now a month later, she has reached 1.4kg (that was a week ago) and is fully vaccinated, dewormed and spayed.  She is ready for her furrever home. 

She is one of the sweetest cat and extremely adorable ... and a leader of sorts, teaching the other foster kittens to poo in the tray, and play non-stop. She's a very sociable kitten and gets along with any humans and cats.  She has easily won the hearts of all my cats!  She's very good at comforting you as well ... when she gets too naughty and gets a scolding from me, she would immediately lay down by your side and purr. Now, who could get angry with a face like that?  She also loves food, and eats anything you give her ... that was probably because she had to fend for herself when she was 5-6 weeks old, until the day I found her. She especially loves home cooked food (one of my most satisfied customer, haha).

I'm looking for someone who would keep her safe and happy, and preferably with other companions to play with her, of around the same age. She LOVES to play!  If anyone is interested, please email me at and I shall get back to you. Please quote KECIK on the email subject.

~ Mommy ~

Friday, 14 September 2012

Sleepy Saturday

Mommy says when I sleep ... I really sleep!

No poking or petting or phototaking will wake me up...
I'm dreaming of raw chicken ... yum!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Cat tree

Hi everyone!

Mommy has joined a competition to win us a cat tree! We hope to win it as we do not have a cat tree in our house ... we are purry excited to join this competition and hope that you could support us by 'LIKING' our photo of Hope and Maori in Facebook. Here's the link : (it says Joy Elia anak Saga - and you got the right one)

We will share with you our cat tree if we win it... just come over and play with us!

Thanks in advance :-)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Silent Sunday

Hi everyone!

We have been very silent as mommy's phone camera has gone bonkers and she is super duper busy at work.

She's trying to fix the antique and meanwhile, there won't be any latest pictures of us (sigh!)

Today mommy woke extremely early, and did some funny stuff. She fed us earlier than normal and put the kettle on, twice!

She kept going in and out of the bathroom, first carrying the first batch of hot water, then the next then a whole bunch of towels  Guess what she had planned????

WE ALL HAD OUR BATH!!! GASP!!!! Now we smell yucky.  Where is our dignity!

We are on strike right now and snoozing ... coz we feel so comfy and cool ... don't like the bath, but we love the after effects :-)

The good thing was, we got extra helpings of fussie cat .... errr mommy, can we have more?

Kat, Pedro, Yasmin, Maori, Hope and Faith (and Kecik)