Monday, 30 December 2013

Little Carlie (Kitten with twisted hind legs)

Hello our kitty friends!  Belated Christmas wishes to all our Christian friends out there!

We know, we know, it has been a while, and yes, BUSY is our excuse once again (aren't we all?).  Our mommy has been busy with this and that and recently, it was a little kitten!

About 6 weeks ago, mommy brought home a kitten and she had twisted legs! She commando-crawled everywhere and had sores on her legs. She got really messy after her poo/pee business as she couldn't lift up her behind. We were all 'ewwwwwsss' and refused to go near her as she was so smelly! Our mommy didn't seem to be able to smell her (maybe because humans has inferior smell-sense compared to us felines!)

Mommy said she could not leave the kitten on the street as she would not be able to fend for herself if any dogs or humans (God forbid!) attacks her.


This little kitten is the only surviving kitten of a stray cat who was dumped in Brickfields (Kuala Lumpur).  A friend of mommy feeds the kitten's mommy daily but could not take her in as she has so many cats of her own to care for as well, including a paralysed cat.  Anyway, long story cut short, one fine day when she could, mommy brought this little kitten home.

Since then, mommy was busy researching and contacting experts and friends.  Vet says, not possible for surgery. Mommy read on the internet in cases like these, most times, Vets would recommend PTS (horror!).  God send mommy an angel, an animal physiotherapist, but she was away on vacation. Thank goodness for whatsapp, mommy and this angel communicated. She learnt how to 'massage' the kitten and we got to admit, mommy was very creative. She even used warm bath sessions to get her to paddle and use her legs. She plays with the kitten tickling her belly to get her to cycle-kick hence getting her muscle to work. She even experimented bandaging but after the 2nd bandage which was too tight, she got too scared to bandage and left the feet (paws) as they were.  She created little obstacles to get the little kitten to use different parts of her legs and body (and muscles).



After 6 weeks, kitten has a name. Mommy said kitten told her she wanted to be called CARLIE!

She could also walk normally 90% of the time. She runs like a rabbit, with 2 hind legs moving at the same time! Carlie can walk! Carlie can run! Carlie can climb! Carlie can jump! Oh, we forgot, Carlie can BITE!

Carlie : Maori? Can we play?
Maori : Zzzzzz........................

Hi Sofa!

I think I can climb you ...

I got up the sofa all by myself!

Mommy will be getting her vaccinated soon and she thinks Carlie will be ready for a new home in about 2 weeks time.  We sincerely hope Carlie can find a loving home, indoors, with another kitten friend to play with.  She is very playful, determined and affectionate.  If you love Carlie, like we do, email our mommy ( and she will get back to you real quick. Our new year resolution : To find Carlie a home!

Hi! I'm Carlie .... are you my mommy and daddy?

Happy New Year 2014 from the Furrever Feline gang : 
Kat, Pedro, Yasmin, Maori, Hope, Faith, Kecik and Subaru

Note from Mommy :

My friend sent me this link : and it was here that I  referred to as my 'bible' to care for little Carlie, as well as lots of whatsapp messages to my Vet friends and Animal Physiotherapist friend. Normal science will tell you there is no cure. But i didn't want to lose hope nor give up. I know her hind legs were alive. They hurt when I pinched. Hence I prayed that what I did could restore the usage of her muscles and get her body to heal naturally.  My Animal Physiotherapist friend suspected (from the pictures only) that her condition was not due to congenital but rather contracted tendons in the legs most likely due to the positioning in the womb. She advised me on how to massage and extend / contract her legs to exercise her muscle.  If you are keen to know more about this, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to introduce you to my friend and what i did.

Do not give up if medical science says there is no hope. There is always hope. In my mind, i knew i had nothing to lose and I was scared albeit brave to try this for the first time. This experience has opened my eyes to endless possibilities! So if you meet a kitten (or puppy) with twisted legs, think of Carlie.

God bless!