Sunday, 10 March 2013


I have to admit today's visit is much better and less stressful.
The good thing about Germans is that they are very punctual.
Good thing we were 30minutes early for our appointment.

We were greeted by two rabbit, one if it looks like Jo.
Errr we forgot to take picture as we kept staring at the beautiful layout of the reception and swimming pool.

The session started with normal accupuncture diagnosis starting with historical interview followed by pin woman looking at my tongue and feeling my pulse.

My tongue was smallish she said and a bit pale. My pulse was very weak.
Then she went very technical about Qi flow and river and stones fire and firepot snd stuff.
She took some pins and pricked me. 

I complained. But I was not as vicious as she was so nice.
After awhile i relaxed sat down and listened to the explanation.

After the pins were removed I got the yummiest treats.
U can only buy them from USA. Anyone going to USA real soon?

As part of the holistic healing process I am Brokeback no more....


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