Monday, 4 March 2013


Hi Everyone!

My name is Brokeback.  I was rescued by some kind people in Ipoh, who then treated me and put me into the Ipoh SPCA cattery.  I had an accident. I don't recall what hit me. The Vet said I was in bad shape as my back was broken and I was paralysed half way down my body. The Vet wanted to put me to sleep (gasp!). But I still wanted to live. I am not ready to die!  The other Volunteers said to give me a chance as I still could eat ( I particularly like Royal Canin Kitten 36 ... yums, oh, and fish too!). Phew!

However, as all cattery, I do not get enough attention and my foster mommy decided to take me home for palliative care until I am better and ready for a new home.  The reason for her decision was that I went into seizures at the cattery with no one around and it is truly a scary experience for me too.

So here I am in Kuala Lumpur in this half-way home, until I am well again.  She has brought me for a full check up and that cost RM493, almost half of the pool of money collected from the Volunteers.  I still need to see an animal accupuncture and depending on the frequency, in probably 4 visits, our funds will be gone. But I'm not worried. I am praying that I shall be healed before the money runs out. I do not want to make things difficult for my foster mommy.

To follow my progress, do join our event page to get the latest updates.

God Speed Kitties!
~ Brokeback~
(Who will be renamed THOR when I heal ... ehem!)

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  1. Thor hmm....we like that name!

    our prayers are with you..we pray for your speedy recover ;)