Wednesday, 5 December 2012

For ADOPTION : Goldie and Mydin

Hi we are boys that were abandoned to a Shelter called Ipoh SPCA. We only knew our real moms briefly...and we still miss her. Though we were strangers, we are now the BEST of pals.  We have been "neutered", vaccinated and dewormed says the lady who is currently our temporary mommy.  We hope to find a furrever home, preferably where we can be together.  The lady said we are about 4 months old in human age and we know she adores us, but she can't take us in anymore as she already has a large 'fur'mily and would like to help more kids like us who once had a home and not anymore. That way, more of us can have warm beds and food everyday!   We don't ask much, our needs are minimal.

If you are keen for us to grace your home, we promise not to be too naughty ... we think naughty is allowed but naughty-nice :).  We know how to use our litter properly and not mess too much.  We LOVE our food, we eat anything you give us, dry, wet and raw even. 

If you think we are worthy of your home, do send a message to this lady and she will get in touch with you.

Goldie and Mydin
P/s Dear God, All we want for Christmas is a family. We promise to be good. Amen!

UPDATE: 8th December 2012 we have found our furrever family! Thanks all for your prayers!

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  1. poor baby...Goldie n Mydin u make aunty sad :(

    i pray your wish come true, amin..